Trauma and Tragedy with one of the Geckos

Saturday, March 5th
Tonight I accidentally cut off one of the geckos tails. He must have been hiding in the pantry in the grooves that the slider doors fit into and I slid one side open hard getting salt. I happened to glance over and saw him squirming in the closed door. It looked like his body was cut in half. I quickly opened the slider and he scurried out. His tail was stuck to the plexi-glass slider, still wiggling. It fell off and dropped next to the plates where it writhed angrily. He ran across the cupboard to the other side, went up into a corner and turned to look. He looked right at me as if to say, “Why did you do that?” Then he went up into an area I can’t see. Poor little thing. I feel awful. He must be in so much pain. He was squirming so hard when he was pinned. I haven’t seen him since he went into the dark corner.
They do drop their tails when caught by predators or trapped and they re-grow, but this door was so forceful and sharp and I don’t know if he is hurt in the middle of his body. He is so tiny and cute and I feel like a big monster, which of course I am from his point of view.
I’ve put out banana, I hope he can eat.
I have to go to bed, but I know I’m going to see him suffering in the door when I close my eyes. I am just sick about this.

The gecko guillotine with a new low tech door stop.

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