El Gecko is OK

March 7
11:15 p.m.
El is OK!! I just went to get ice and he was coming out of the pantry. When he saw me, he ran and hid. His tail is off, but he seems to be alright otherwise. I'm so relieved.
I got two lifers today: Yellow-bellied Seed-eater#854 and strangely enough a Piratic Flycatcher#855.


  1. Glad El Gecko is okay. We feed ours yogurt and pineapple, and I know they also like Tums. One of the above might be soothing during his recovery? Saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker a few days ago, and also, after a puffbird-less year, saw two days in a row, first a Black-breasted, and then a White-necked. Also finally saw the Bright-rumped Attila and Brown-hooded Parrot. Cool! Peccaries in the forest. Sloths in the bare Barrigon trees, eating pods as if they are ice cream cones. Yum!

  2. Yes, I'm much relieved to see El out. Gene told me about your Yellow-bellied Sapsucker--quite a find!I haven't seen a Black-breasted Puffbird or the Brown-hooded Parrot--or peccaries. I needed to get to bed earlier so I can be up when you go out. Obviously, I need to follow you.;) Thanks for the basil--I love it.


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