Variegated Flycatcher in Panama II

February 27, 2011
9:30 p.m.
The consensus on BirdForum is positive for a Variegated Flycatcher. I was advised to contact several Bird Organizations in Panama; which I did. I got a message back from one. The responder is passing my photos on to experts, but he did say that a Variegated Flycatcher has never been seen in Panama. Woo-Hoo!
Here is a link to the BirdForum discussion:
I don't know why this won't highlight. I guess you need to copy and paste it into google search.


  1. Congrats & Brickbats !
    Congrats for you to have a First for Panama, but a brickbat for taking a year to realize it ! !
    Luvya - Dad

  2. Well, in all fairness, it wasn't in my Panama Guide to Birds. :)
    I'd better take a look at the other Flycatchers I've put on hold!
    Love You Too


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