Life Aboard: Our New Addition

Hi All,
We have a pet! He's been on board for about a month and is getting less and less shy. For awhile I thought he had moved on, but he seems to be here for good. We think he has been covertly checking out the whole boat because we used to see him only around the galley and aft-area but the other night Gene went to bed and let out a bit of a surprise yell when El ran across his legs after the light was turned off. El is nocturnal; another reason we don't see him often. I am up late doing laundry and playing bridge and I got a picture of him. It will be the last I take because I'm afraid the flash could hurt his eyes. I'm so happy to have him, he's just the cutest thing. So here he is, El Gecko:
Common House Gecko--just look at those cute little feets! click to enlarge
Gene read on the net that they have a sweet tooth. I got worried that he might eat the sweetened condensed milk laced with boric acid 'cakes' that I have out for the cucarrachas and I threw out all the cucarracha cocktails. Hopefully El will eat the cucarrachas. The cocktails seemed to do pretty well. I haven't seen any bugs in the salon for ages, but I did see and kill a few new hatchlings in the bathroom a few days ago. I hope El takes care of any still around.
I guess we'll have to trap him somehow when it's time to leave. I read that you can't really handle them because they are too delicate and can be hurt.

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