Lingering in San Lorenzo

One of a million reasons I don't want to leave.
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6'3"Gene on the San Lorenzo Road
Hi All,
A year ago, if anyone had suggested that I would deliberately stall the completion of our circumnavigation, I would have told them they were crazy. Most of you all know how tired I am of camping on a boat with minimal comforts. I’ve certainly railed about it! Ten years is a long time to be showering with a garden bug-sprayer or plastic water bottle with ice-pick holes in the cap, boiling water and washing dishes in tubs (or worse, washing in cold sea water and rinsing with the bug sprayer shower as the boat bucks and heels, throwing-up into zip-lock bags, having your hair and skin care done by Wind, Spray and Tropical Sun, having to wear Bushman’s as perfume, stinking due to lack of water, broiling, getting eaten alive by mozzies, sleeping on wet mattresses or wet sheets, or sleeping without air because the hatches have to be battened, stressing about what is out there in the dark while on watch, stressing about provisioning and having chocolate available when you are thousands of miles from land, stressing about nearly amputated legs, stressing about family emergencies when you are far, far away. I could go on, but you get the picture. I was ready to finish this sail around the world.
That was before the Panamanian rainforest. That was before daily walks in a green world filled with vibrant birds, raucous monkeys, timid sloths and a symphony of various frog calls. The rainforest offers me tranquility, beauty, mystery and endless hours of exploration and discovery.
Capuchin Monkey
Marina life is luxurious compared to being underway. Our life is here is simple and we are content. The thought of having to move from our dock and go through the canal made me feel rushed and I realized I wasn’t ready to leave this extraordinary place.
We have decided not to transit the canal this year.
Peregrine at anchor, San Blas
Linton Anchorage Mangroves
We will not be in Panama for the entire year. I will spend at least four months in California. We are thinking that to avoid the problems of leaving Peregrine unattended for too long, I will fly home first and Gene will follow in a month or so and leave a month or so before me.
Hasta Luego,
Zebra Longwing

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