The Trouble with Geckos...

Nothing but the finest Australian China dishes for El & Blondie
These are from a series of tiny plates I got in Oz from a colletion called 'Feathered Jewels' by Sara Attanasio
Gene is in the process of replacing the rotting/delaminating wood frames that border the windows (inside)and has spent the last couple of days staining them. He had to put them in the aft-cabin 'garage' to keep them from potential rain and they smell very stainy/varnishy. By coincidence, El didn't show the first night of storage and I thought the fumes had driven him away or killed him. (Gene has now found a place to keep them out of the rain in the marina work shop area.) Naturally, I hoped he'd moved rather than succumb to fumes (the Gecko, not Gene). After reading a bit more about our new little life form, I was thinking that it wouldn't be a bad thing if he had decided to move. Not that I don't get a big kick out of him, but we have read some Gecko horror stories. One lady writing from Tahiti said her house was over-run with Geckos. One got in her printer and died. One night she was awakened when two fighting geckos fell from the ceiling onto her face. She also complained about Gecko poop. Gecko poop seemed to be a theme when I went on the net to learn more about our darling lizard. A woman from Texas asked some questions about Gecko poop and was eeeueing and worrying about her kids eating it. Gene was reading Latitude 38 and read a story about a guy who had a boat full of geckos and how sick he was of Gecko poop. The more I read, the more I wondered if I should be so delighted with our new 'pet'. The way everybody was talking, you'd think Gecko poop was the size of Whale poop, but it was described as being somewhat like mouse poop. Surely, Gecko poop must be cleaner that mouse poop! I expressed a little concern to Gene about Gecko poop. He said not to worry, that the reason these other people were having problems was because they were over-run with Geckos. We wouldn't even notice poop with only one Gecko and it was a hell of a lot better than cucarrachas and cuccaracha poop. I couldn't disagree with that, now could I?
Last night, I went to the refrigerator for ice and when I turned on the galley light, I saw El eating banana from his Splendid Fairy-wren plate. I was relieved to see that he had not died, but he hadn't moved either. Since the light was on and he stayed put, I watched him and talked to him while he ate. Strange, he never ate in front of me before. He always took off and hid. As I'm talking to him, I notice that he seems smaller. I tell him he doesn't look like my gecko. He looked at me, licked his lips, and took another bite. "You don't act like my gecko either."
Humm. I decided I was imagining things. I turned off the galley light, and went back to the net. About a half hour later, I decided to turn in. I snuck over to the sink area to see El one more time before going to bed and there were two geckos clinging to the wood wall behind the sink. They faced each other in a Gecko Standoff. Damn!

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