Wet Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and I am entombed in a leaky Peregrine. The heavens have waged a watery war on us since last evening. It’s hard to believe so much rain can fall for so long. I slept in damp sheets and unless I held myself in just the right position, had a drip dropping on me from the hatch. The rubber on the hatch cover is another thing that needs to be replaced. If we get a break in the rain this morning I am going to go up and jury-rig something to keep the hatch area dry.
Gene braved the walk up to the bar to watch the Grand Prix and I am enjoying the solitude with a cup of coffee and toast with honey. The coffee thermos that we have used for years is no longer an option for me. It’s coated with a thick, grainy film and the coffee tastes like sludge when it is stored in it. Gene tried cleaning it with vinegar, bleach, scrubbers stuffed down and twisted with long-handled implements, but it refuses to come clean. We used to put the plastic Mellita filter holder on top of the thermos and drip the coffee in. We could make enough for several cups each and keep it warm. Now, I just put a couple of tablespoons of coffee in and set the Mellita filter and holder on top of my cup. Ah, fresh and strong and not muddy. Gene reminded me that we haven’t found the cone type filters here and I am going through them pretty quickly. I’ll just have to improvise with the round type I guess.
I dug out the toaster and fortunately it had the proper extension cord on it so I didn’t have to search for it. We bought the toaster in Australia so it has an Aussie plug. We bought the electric water kettle in Europe, so it has the European plug. Gene cut off the end of the extension cord that goes to the Aussie plug and put a European male part on it so it could plug into the European receptacle that we use for the kettle. We are using a European connection to the dock, so that all works. A lot of confusion for a cuppa and a piece of toast, right? Still, we have electric appliances and what a luxury! The coffee water is done in the blink of an eye and the toast doesn’t have to be put in a skillet on low heat until browned.
We have not been working at the speed of light and Peregrine is still not entirely cleaned and repacked. Gene did empty the aft-berth of fold-up bikes, kayak and the big wash tub, but the completely drenched mattress still sits. I have it tilted on its side to avoid getting even wetter from the water that flows down the cabin wall when it rains. You can see the water running down the wood slats that cover the fiberglass hull. I couldn’t image what would be causing such a horrible leak. Gene fessed up that when he put the new compass in just before we left he didn’t bed it with compound because it had a rubber gasket. Well not caulking it cost us two wool blankets, a comforter, and a comforter cover I got in Italy that I LOVED. I’m sure the new mattress we had made in Italy is also toast, but Gene wants to hold off throwing it out until we can dry it and see if it can be salvaged. Trouble is, there are no dry days to take it out and let it air and dry. So we still have the aft-cabin door closed. Several books in the bookshelves got it too. Thank God my 1961 printing of Peterson’s 1941 publication of “A Field Guide To Western Birds” was safely stowed in a ziplock. Gene would have really faced long term the heat over that. As it is, I told him he was not allowed to do any more repair work on the boat. Unfortunately, there is no one else here to do the rod-rigging replacement. Peregrine is in bad shape in the interior wood department too. We have some wood rot issues and we are not in a place conducive to repair work. Even if it were easy to get supplies, it is not a Gene project! He gets terribly offended when I make negative comments on his handy work; but he’s not Tim the tool guy. He's great with the engine and mechanical things. It's the other stuff. If he was a craftsman, the gages, equipment and toilet paper holder would not all be hanging at an angle. I hate it when things are not straight; it really offends my sensibilities. Everytime I look at the crookedness of Peregrine I am assaulted. Ten years of what amounts to listening to fingernails on a blackboard. No wonder I’m nuts.
Alright, enough with the Life Aboard entry. I’m posting this and then I’m going to write about the beautiful forest and birds in a Birds/Birding post.
[Gene’s usual contribution]: Living the dream!

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