Slow Days In Panama

Chesnut-headed Oropendola click image to enlargeThe days have melted into weeks and the weeks to two months. We are lazy to the extreme and are quite content. Gene wanders the docks and hard-stand daily and thinks of himself as the mayor of ‘D’ dock. I wander in the forest most days.
I think this is a Pale-throated three-toed sloth.
He's more active than Gene and I.
Coatimundi and baby.
The cruisers have gotten together for Yacht Lucks a few times and we have a nice community. Recently, volley-ball has been an evening draw. Most people are gone in a few days, but there are some who are here for long term.
We’ve fallen into a loose routine. Gene usually does the grocery shopping and I do the laundry. I do most of the cooking but Gene does sandwiches, hamburgers and pizza fairly often. The grocery shopping is the biggest job and Gene usually does that because he can carry things more easily and seating is limited on the free grocery store shuttle. Due to the new dock and heavy transit traffic, the marina adopted a ONE PERSON per boat rule for the shuttle. The cruising world has Special People just like all segments of society and they have provided drama, amusement and irritation with their belief that the rule applies to everyone but them. There is a sign-up sheet hanging outside the office with a very clear notice at the top advising riders that there is a limit of ONE PERSON PER BOAT allowed on the bus. Everyday there are people who didn’t sign up or have two or three people per boat sitting on the shuttle. Once Gene was the first person signed on the list and couldn’t go because the bus was full. He was not a happy camper. Other people experienced this and it didn’t take long before the normal people complained. The mild mannered assistant manager would come out to the bus with the sign in sheet and ask how things were going. Some of the less special, special people grokked that that meant everyone who was not supposed to be on the bus should get off and they would, making room for the person who was forced to complain. Most of the special people would stay, as is proper with their station in life. Gene was on the bus one morning and, MY HERO, an unknown cruiser, complained. When the assistant manager showed up with the list and asked how everybody was and nobody moved, the irate (first signature on the list) cruiser grabbed the list from him and told the riders that there was only one person per boat allowed on the bus and anyone not signed up needed to get off the bus now. He was met with vacuous stares and no movement. All right, says he, everyone off the bus and we will call off names. That got a few people off. Some saying they didn’t know there was a sign in sheet! The bus problem may be solved now because things came to a head when the manager had to deal with the special people one morning. He came out of the office with the person who complained and the sign-up list in his hand. He told everyone on the bus to get off and then had an assistant read off boat names. One person per boat was allowed to get on the bus. One of the special ladies said she had to go shopping and her husband had to go to the hospital. The manager looked at her and said one person per boat. Keep in mind that there are taxis, it’s just that they cost $15.00. Anyhoo, now we have two free shuttles per day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Now you guys know why I write about the ‘bird stuff’!
Since I was unable to get any photos of people duking it out on the bus, I thought I post some photos of our backyard. See why I like to wander in the forest?
Crested Oropendola

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