Homeward Bound

March 30, 2010
It seems our chart guide was a bit out-dated in visa information. We were under the impression that it would not be a problem to pay and get our 90 day visas extended. Not! We have to leave the country for 72 hours and go through the visa process again. The boat can stay but we have to leave. Some cruisers go to Costa Rica for the needed time, but we figured it would cost as much to go there as it would to go home, so we’re California bound. Our visit home this year will just be sooner and longer than originally planned.
We will leave in about a week so we need to get a few things done. I hauled Gene up the mast yesterday to get measurements for the rod-rigging we need to replace. Gene is going to talk to the marina about having it stored here if we ship it from home. That way it will be waiting when we come back in late October.
There are no riggers here and this will be a do-it-ourselves repair. Hopefully things will go well because we will only have three months in Panama again. In that time, we will have to get the rigging fixed, get through the canal and get past Panamanian waters into Costa Rica. It will be a pace faster than I would like. I am very interested in stopping by Coiba Island and a few other anchorages in Panama that sound like must sees.
We’ll just have to do what we always do and play it by ear

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