A Hard Decision


We are approximately where the arrow is. The Red Tracks represent hurricanes. 2005 Map.
Theoretically, we are too far south for hurricanes and can sail to Panama at anytime of the year provided we ‘keep an eye’ on the weather. On Tuesday, three couples we spent time with on the grocery bus and happy hours took off for Panama (1), and Cartagena, Colombia (2). We had two days of the calmest weather we’ve had since arriving so I hope they had a good sail. Supposedly, you only need two good days and then you will be around the Peninsula de la Guajira and out of any stormy weather.
I kept hearing the sailors saying travel in the hurricane season is not a problem; the old, “We’re out of the hurricane zone” mantra. As we inched closer to July, the birder decided to do a little independent reading. So if hurricanes don’t come down here; who the Hell are Dennis, Emily, Ivan, Charlie, Isidore, Joyce and Lenny? Ok, so their paths didn’t hug the Colombia coast and bend around De La Guajira, but one of them wiped out 90% of the nutmeg crop on Grenada and two sailors were lost off the Colombian coast in another. That’s close enough for me. I don’t want to add surviving a hurricane at sea to our list of thrills, chills and spills. Or worse yet, I wouldn’t be around to add it. Although it would make a good chapter in my ‘100 Things Not To Do Before You Die’ list. So I’m a wimp. I don’t care. I told the captain I did not want to go to Panama during the hurricane season and he conceded.
We are going to hang on the hook here in Spanish Water for the month of July then put Peregrine on the hard. We will go home for August and September. We will come back to live at anchor until the end of November and then continue on to the San Blas Islands after hurricane season.
Goody, Goody! New underwear! Some better birding books! New bins for my birthday??? (fat chance). Chili relleno, sour dough bread, BIRDS! My 2009 list has been moving slower than the California Legislature. I can bird Bolsa Chica, Huntington Central Park, Upper Newport, possibly Salton?? Maybe not the Salton Sea, it would probably be considered bad form not to make time to see kids and grandkids.
Movies! Books without mildewed pages. I’ll have a bed I don’t have to climb into with sheets that fit and smell good. A shower with hot water in droves, no holding the water bottle over my head! Ah! Life is going to be sweet! We’ll be able to stay with the LaFitte’s some of the time and play bridge at night and bird Newport Bay in the mornings. Gene can have all the Cheez-its he wants and can wash them down with Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale.
I’ve got to go now. I have a For Sale sign to paint.

Almost forgot here is the url for a great web site:
The National Hurricane Center.
On the left hand side under Hurricane History you can click ‘Seasons Archive’. It takes you to a page where you can enter a year you’re interested in. Click on the year and you go to a page that describes the hurricanes and tropical storms of that year in detail. It also has a track map at the bottom of the page. Click it twice and you get an enlarged view. The site is very interesting and informative. It is also responsible for my lack of desire to move along to Panama at this time.
Year 2005
Year 2007

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