At Rest, at Last

June 14, 2009
So after coffee this morning, we take up anchor; again we are very well set. At least we know holding is excellent in the bay. We move over a boat length and drop our hook at the stern of an American from Rhode Island. We end up parallel with a sport fishing boat from Florida with plenty of room between us. I tell Gene thanks, I’m happy now. He didn’t think it was necessary to move since we were on the anchorage area 'line'. Soon a couple from each of the American boats dinghy over. The Sportfisher says laughingly, “You can’t be here.” We all laugh and we explain that we were straddling the line and felt we had to move in. Sportfisher says if we need to come in more it’s not a problem. He doesn’t freak out at closer proximity. Gene says, “She does.”, and points at me. Introductions went all around and they both took off to catch the grocery bus. I went below to check our position. Ah, well within the line.
I turn on my laptop to connect to the internet and what do you know? 'Page won’t display’ The powerboat is between us and the antennae and is causing a disrupted connection. This definitely won’t do. As I’m complaining to Gene he says he thinks a French boat is pulling up. He is! He will leave a hole in an ideal spot. As he motors off we take up anchor and move again. We are now in a great spot with a clear corridor to the wifi antennae. I won’t be nervous about leaving Peregrine to shop or bird or pokie. Captain says (after five moves in four days): “Thank God and Maxwell for electric windlasses!”

In spite of what we were told by several people the first day, the winds have died down considerably. It’s very nice weather and the dinghy ride in would be dry even if it is a long way. The wind has died so much that we can actually hear other sounds and we seem to be under a flyway for a flock of Caribbean Parakeets. Several times a day they fly across the lagoon; squawking, bright green missiles. I love the sounds of parrots in the morning.
We have contacted a sailmaker by email and Gene is going to meet him at the cruisers hang out, Asiento, at five this evening.
As usual, we still don't know what our plans are.
The batteries are drained and I’m signing off.

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