Life Aboard: Staying Longer in Rome

March 27, 2008

Buon Giorno Everyone,
It’s supposed to rain again today, so I won’t be off to Castel Fusano to bird. Another day of lock-in. Gene has taken off on the bike to do the daily shopping, hopefully he’ll be back before the rain starts. He had an uneventful 65th Birthday yesterday. I wanted to take him out, but he wanted to make pizza instead. As tradition dictates, we put on Lucianno while the sauce simmered and the dough rose.
We got a space in the marina and paid for the month of April. One problem solved and another created. Bonnie (the youngest), is due to deliver her first child on June 9th. I need to be on a plane on the first. Our original plan was to leave here at the end of March and get to Gibraltar by June first. If we leave at the end of April, getting to Gibraltar by June 1 may be a bit difficult. No real worries, we’ll just go a shorter distance and I’ll fly from wherever. We were thinking maybe Valencia, Spain, but haven’t heard from the marina we emailed as to availability and cost. That’s not unusual around these parts. Before we left Greece we emailed several marinas here in Italy and never got a response from any of them. We just need to form some kind of plan in the next few weeks so I can get a plane ticket. I don’t want to have to wait till we get somewhere and then find I have a two week wait for flights and miss Bonnie’s due date.
I’ll probably stay in California for a month. Unless I decide to give up the circumnavigation, I’ll be back around the first of July and we’ll head for the Canary Islands. We need to be there in September and wait for December to make our crossing to the Lesser Antilles.
Oh, I meant to tell you that there was also a water-spout reported on the day of the Blast! God, I guess we should be grateful Peregrine wasn’t flying through the air with a Surrender Dorothy message cut through the clouds as we went off to Oz. Not that I would be unhappy going back to Oz (Australia), it remains my favorite place so far.

When we got here I signed up for internet service for 6 months and today is our last day. I have to go up the office and re-sign for another month.

Well enough gabbing for one day.
Love, The Peregrinators


  1. I just read your postings - Life Aboard. I did not know Christa went to see you. How fun! Reading the posts also told me when you would be here. I did not know if we would see you for the baby shower. I guess not. Well I hope you enjoy your April Foolishness. I am glad you are getting a Mexican food "fix". I don't think I'd last very long without the stuff! A quick update (I don't know how much I can write) - Miles placed first in shotput and discus in his track meet last week. Brooke played Willy Wonka in the play Willy Wonka and just got straight A's. Jim is in San Francisco for work for the next couple days for work. He will have dinner with Nick tonight. I am itching to do some yard work but have not had time. Maybe next week. It will be spring break for us. Love you guys!!!!! Therese

  2. Hi T,
    Sounds like Miles has found a niche in track and field. Give him our congrats. Brooke has got to be the most driven kid I've ever known. Tell her way to go on the grades. I hope you've got photos/video of the play, I'd like to see it when I get home. After seeing how busy you guys were when we were home last, I can understand how you don't have time to garden!Say hi to Jim for us.
    We made enchiladas with some of our corn tortilla treasure and I think we said uumm every bite. I had to make enchilada sauce and it turned out ok. I wish we had some tomatillo salsa so we could have some chili verde. On Well, June is almost here.
    Love You Too


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