Easter Squall a.k.a Pasquall

Monday, March 24, 2008
Hi All,
Easter had more to beware of than the Ides of March and we were hit with what Gene describes as a microburst. I think hurriquake is more accurate. Our day began early because it was Christa’s (the eldest) last day with us and she had to be at the airport by 4:30 a.m. We got up at 3:30 so she and Gene could meet the taxi for the drive to Leonardo Di Vinci Airport (the Italians get Leonardo and we get John Wayne).

The squall/burst was the most violent wind we’ve ever felt. We had things falling off the shelves and tipping over while we were tied to the dock. Our roller-furling headsail was shredded and one of the dock lines broke. It was really scary and as soon as the mini hurricane passed we switched on the radio to find fellow cruisers had done the same. Everyone was shocked by the violence of the winds, and Dave, on Alegria clocked 88 knots on his anemometer. Peregrine felt like she was buckling earthquake style to me. For a split second, I actually thought of getting off the boat before it broke in half. Gene and I stood in the main salon with Holy **** looks on our faces. Many of the boats here had their roller-furlers come undone and shred, and we had one cruiser report a boat had broken away from her moorings and was cruising the marina until she ran into another.

We’ve really have had a cold, stormy March and have decided to that we should put off departure until the weather improves. A few months ago, the marina let us know that our berth would be available for longer if we wanted it. Since March has been so bad, we decided to take them up on the longer stay. However, last week when Gene went to tell them we would be staying, he was told that our berth was already gone and that they would have to look for an opening somewhere else in the marina. The office has been closed for the week-end and Monday for Easter holidays so Tuesday, we will find out our fate.
I might need to explain the terrible pun that is the title of this entry. Pasqua means Easter in Italian--hence Easter Squall a.k.a. Pasquall cringe

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